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Katie Jones

Dr. Daniel Rodríguez Rius

SIBB President

Dear congressmen/women,


Welcome to the 41st Edition of the Biomechanics and Biomaterials Iberian Society (SIBB) Congress. We will meet in the city of Madrid where the three areas of our community, Biomaterials, Biomedicine and Sports Biomechanics, will be able to share their most recent experiences and scientific communications in the always warm atmosphere that characterizes our Congress. 

We must thank to Dr. Diego Velasco, President of the Conference, and the entire Organizing Committee for their effort and work to welcome us in this 41st edition at Hotel VP El Madroño of Madrid.


I encourage you to actively participate in this Edition of the SIBB congress. With the wish of being able to personally greet you in Madrid next October, receive a warm hug from,


Daniel Rodríguez Rius

SIBB President


Dear Friends,


I would like to welcome all the members of the Iberian Biomechanics and Biomaterials Society, as well as all the researchers participating in the 41stSIBB Congress that takes place in Madrid this year again. The congress will be held at the Hotel VP EL Madroño, which has kindly provided us its installations , for our expected annual meeting.


First of all, I would like to highlight the important contribution of both Daniel Rodríguez Rius for his collaboration so that this congress is ones again a success, as well as the SIBB for its trajectory helping Sports Biomechanics, Biomedicine and Biomaterials have their own scientific forum. On the other hand, I am enormously grateful to Enrique Navarro Cabello and Joan Valentí Ardanuy for the help in setting up the Biomechanics and Biomedicine tables, respectively. 


This year as a novelty, the congress has several workshops on 3D Printing and Bioprinting in Biomedicine and Biomaterials organized by our group from Carlos III University of Madrid and by leading companies in the sector.


I encourage you to actively participate  and with the wish of being able to greet you personally, we will meet next October 18th and 19th in Madrid.


Receive a big hug,


Diego Velasco

President of the Organizing Committee of the 41st  SIBB Congress.

Dr. Diego Velasco Bayón

President of the Organizing Committee of the 41st  SIBB Congress.